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ACE LOANS of Colorado Springs, 2339 East Platte Place 80909, Has Proven To Be The Worst Place To Buy Used Equipment From!

Story Date October 6th, 2018

   When shopping for a few used video cameras, for an upcoming feature film locales test shoot. A amsung video camera and accessories was purchased, after having been told that everything was in the camera bag, that would be needed to operate the camera, usb cords, sd card, and charger for the camera's battery So, it was purchased. Later that day it was found out that in fact there was no charger included in the bundle. Well with a dead battery it is impossible to determine if the Samsung Video Camera even works at all. The next morning the camera was returned to ACE LOANS at 3333 East Platte Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado. We were given the run around, instead of refunded the purchase amount. Nathan (store manager) promised that ACE LOANS would be ordering and receiving a Samsung charger for the video camera, but our request was for a full refund. Guess what, a week and a half has passed since we tried to return it, no charger power supply for the video camera has been given to us, only daily promises that it will be arriving tomorrow. Today, Saturday October 6th, we called at 3:30 pm and instead of more fake promises and lies, we were left on hold for an hour, the employee said, "I'll check to see if it is in , yet." O.K. So we held on the line for an hour, with no response what so ever, and finally hung up. We spent the rest of the afternoon calling back, only to get a busy signal. They left the phone off the hook until it was after hours, and the two bit store had closed for the day. Hey if that's what they call custmoer service, and if that's what they call selling used equipment, then they need to just close up for good. We'll have to update this Consumer Watch Report next week, since they won't so much as answer a phone now, nor offer our purchase money back to us. ACE LOANS of Colorado Springs at 2339 East Platte Place 80909, has clearly proven that "Once they've gotten your hard earned money - You can just drop dead!".

Consumer Watch Report!



Asus Eee PC Shell Game!

A $400 Paper Weight.

Eee Family Eee PC 900/XP

Asus tech support:  1-888-678-3688

School and College Kids Beware! 02/10

  ASUS Eee PC is a family of faulty products and Asus does not actually value the customers that purchased their Eee PC when It first went on the market.

  Early Christmas shopping turned into a fiasco of repeated disappointments when the brand new Eee PC did not work at all, on Christmas Day, and was already past the warranty deadline for replacement by Best Buy, where the computer was purchased.

  The so called support CD that comes with the unit, for system repair and restoration, has "\hal.dll" errors on it which prevents restorability or recovery of any data or files. 

  Expect a total system crash, followed by the cost of shipping your brand new unit across country. 

  Shipping your Eee PC will only result in more wasted money as you will be informed that you must pay for the shipping, pay for the reparation, purchase a new Support CD (which may or may not help), or just deal with it.


R. T. Dallinger Is Land Lord of The Rings! 08/09

Richard T. Dallinger - Human and Civil Rights Hater, Landlord, and Burglar

605 - 723 - 0840  1825 Old Stage Road, Colorado Springs, Co.

1721 Fourth Street, Belle Fourche, South Dakota 57717 


    Illegal Housing Persecution: SXS Sorority House Residents Ordered Not To Talk To Any Neighboring 
Resident In The Broadmoor Neighborhood By Their Current Sorority House Land Owner! What Do You, The Renting or Home Buying Consumer, Think About Mr. Dallinger's Strict Ultimatum!

   Sorority Is In Need of Civil Rights Attorney Assistance In This Matter! Please Help Fight Owner's Abusive Demands!  ITN / XITV Will Update This Story Soon With All The Details!

   If You'd Like To Help Please Contact:  NAACP  -  ACLU or SXS Sorority Captain Colorado Springs Broadmoor Chapter at


The Latest News Is Sad But True!

R. T. Dallinger Is Land Lord of The Rings!  Story Update 10/09

Colorado Springs Police Case # 09-24838  -  Theft

Gold Hill Patrol Division 719 - 385 - 2100


Dakota Dallinger Wanted for questioning for Hate Crimes against the Sisters of XI Sorority!

Colorado Springs Police say that they will not serve Dallinger across state lines. Oh, Thanks A Lot!

  Dakota Dallinger!  Richard T. Dallinger seen by neighborhood witnesses Breaking and Entering through a back window of the House of XI Broadmoor Estate. 

   R. T. Dallinger crossed state lines into Colorado Springs with the intent to rob the SXS Sorority house of their gem collection. as told by witnesses with whom Dallinger spoke with when trying to get others to assist him in his illegal activities. 

   On August 10 Dallinger broke in into the Sorority house through a back window claiming rent was over due, which according to the lease, rent is due on the 10th and he broke in that very same night. He had previously held up for two days at the Mitchell's estate across the street, while planning his fowl deeds. 

   These same witnesses stated that Dallinger said he was going to "Grab" the jewelry and what ever else
he could find to get his hands on. Fortunately the House of XI gem collection is kept in a safe off the premises. Unfortunately Dallinger was still able to gain access to the XITV Studio Computers and business operational data and has absconded back to Belle Fourche, So. Dakota and claims to know nothing about any missing equipment. 

   Stolen: One custom Sony Vaio workstation with over 300 technical hours of software configurations and over $15,000.00 worth of state of the art software refitted by SONY for XITV Television remote post production facility. which just happens to be located within the Sisters of XI Sorority Estate, allowing for girls to learn and get experience in titling. set design. wardrobe. sound track mixing, post production lighting and color editing. 

   Essentially. the facilities were set up so that girls with aspirations toward the entertainment and 
media industry could get hands on experience in all facets of Pre-production. Live set film and sound, special effects techniques, and post-production activities such as cold cutting and editing footage segments, and creating the final master copies to then be converted into every form of media, Dvd, Vcd, Wmv, Wma, Mp3, and Streaming Video web television shows.

Dallinger's  robbery of the XITV training space and the SXS Sorority's Alpha House amenities has virtually wiped out XITV's Show production schedule for the rest of the year. For This we apologize!

   We are still trying to get the Disrtict Attorney to take the case, The D.A.'s office states that they are waiting for the Police department to decide whether or not the case is open or closed. Give us and our girls a break . . . Traveling across state lines, breaking and entering a private domicile, the taking and handling of secured goods within the domicile twice in a twelve hour period. 

   Yes! Twice! He entered the house the night of the tenth for about five hours and again on the morning of the 11th at around 8:00am and was escorted off the premises again by the Colorado Springs Police around 11:30am. But his Bronco which was loaded with Sorority property was never searched as he was allowed to drive out of the garage and off down the highway and back to South Dakota without being charged with any crime what so ever! 

   The stolen computer was known to be online as late as 7:00am connected to U.S. N.O.C. servers in Washington and Virginia but by 8:00am the state of the art Sony Vaio system just vanished without a trace, sure it did, Dallinger!




Dallinger's Greedy, Selfish, and cowardly actions resulted in losses as follows . . .

The House of XI House Parties Movie Trailer

Four movie scripts, including Production, Set, and Wardrobe designs.

 Native American Heavy Metal Band "CHILDREN" debut of 68 single song performance video shows filmed individually for 68 different countries as a cross cultural Goodwill project from the House of XI.

XIan Life Diet Cooking Show!

Natural Wonder Girls Crazy Campers Show!

Natural Wonder Girls Horse Back Riding Show to be filmed in Aspen and Vail, Colorado.

World Wide Special Events Show!

and the Cosmic Dream World Center of The Universe Show!

   All of our shows are gone now! The SXS and XITV must start over from scratch to produce new shows for our viewer's enjoyment! We had a fabulous Fall and Spring season of shows lined up and we are not giving up so easily!



   One scum bag thief from South Dakota should not be allowed to destroy the aspirations of over fifty cast and crew member's lives without being held responsible, regardless of what state he is in now. Richard T. Dallinger robbed the House of XI, the Nation of XI, The SXS Sisters of XI Sorority, and Millions of People World Wide of Free benevolent multi cultural entertainment experiences. 

   Richard T. Dallinger sought for questioning and a whole lot of answers regarding the Breaking and Entering of the House of XI Estate (which he owns and leases out), Acquisition of Equipment and Goods, 
Theft of Main Brain NXI-COM Computer Systems and Sony Cam Television Camera, and other items, known to be now missing from the estate. 

    Rick Dallinger's Legal Team is completely ignoring the Police witnessed fact that Dallinger 
Committed Multiple Felonies against the party unto which he is leasing his property to.  


Dakota Dallinger's Players are . . .

Clinton W. Wasser Attorney  465 Buckeye Drive Colo. Spgs. Colorado 719 - 599 - 3205

Robert Lynde - Milestone Real Estate Services 6285 Lehman Drive Co. Spgs. Colorado 719 - 260 - 6871

   They both refuse to admit, address, or acknowledge the break in and theft, even when presented with the Official Police report of the incident. Clint and Rob are pretending that it doesn't affect the lease. 


Obama May Be President, But A Black American Indian Is Screwed In The State of Colorado!

R. T. Dallinger Is Land Lord of The Rings!  Story Update 10/09

   Economic Crime District Attorney Micah Resner sees no reason why Dallinger should be charged with anything! Not even for breaking into the home through a back window at night!  Nor the un-authorized un-supervised handling of Tenant's Estate goods. She can't even fathom a degree of responsibility on Dallinger for the the missing equipment resulting from his illegal actions. Citing "That's A Tenant Landlord issue. and I am not going to get involved."  

   When the identical scenario was re-canted to her, but as if it were her home and the Landlord did these things and if that would be acceptable justice for her, she immediately ended the meeting. 

   Colorado justice has hit a new low. Springs Police will not even interview neighbor witnesses who said Dallinger had been planning to do these things for two days prior to the break in.

   Dallinger arbitrarily decided that he wanted the rent ten days early no matter what the signed lease agreement was. The rental lease has rent due on the tenth and over due as of the eleventh. Here is an excerpt from actual lease: the rent will be in default and the lessee shall be charged a late fee of $25  plus $5 per day until the monthly rent is paid in full. 

    The total move in cost  for the SXS and XITV to move in and get set up on July 1st was $2750.  Due on the tenth of August, with July and August being due to be paid ail in one payment on August tenth. Of Course the $2750 was paid to Dallinger, along with a written request for the equipment to be returned to the Sorority.

   Dallinger's sole response was merely a ten point email stating why he had the right to break into the house, which he had no keys to, and steal the Sony Computer System and Television Camera as additional extra payment to himself for even leasing the house out to XITV at all.

   But Micah and the local district attorney's office still don't see any illegal acts by breaking into the home the night of the Tenth and again the morning of the Eleventh.  Talk about being railroaded!

   Colorado's Racism Is Well Rooted in un-attentive stupidity and a general lack of caring about Human Rights and Fair Justice! And Apparently Richard Dallinger is their pet baby! Colorado refuses to so much as force him to answer the allegations surrounding his illegal break-in in a court of law. Selah.



XITV and The SXS Sisters of XI Sorority are down. but not out!  

Story Update October 15th 2009

   SXS Sorority now fully owns two Five Acre Ranches in Tripp County South Dakota, a secluded Forty Acre Estate near Royal Gorge, where XIan Teens Spirits video was filmed, and a Five Acre Ranch at the Great Sand Dunes National Monument in Colorado. among other estates throughout the U.S. Freely Donated to their cause by Dr. XI Lee, Founder of Global Nation World Wide Web Sights! and Nation of XI Communications.

XITV and The SXS Sisters of XI Sorority must now . . . 

1. Replace the stolen hardware and rebuild the entire state of the art Digital Video post production software platform and Dvd Cd Vcd production systems all over again. An Expensive and time consuming process.

2. Regain the ability to Go Live To Air directly from the studio set or remote location. 

3. Begin building our own small modest Television and Film Studio on our Tribe's wholly owned lands.

If anyone else could help, please do so. We are trying to get the girls back working on their dreams as soon as possible.

 Take a Stand! Hold A Hand! 1st Annual Event!

Special Announcement!  House of XI Gathering at The Circle of One Love!

Show your support against racism, tyranny and injustices upon those whose voices don't get heard! 

Where: House of XI's Great Sand Dunes Estate on the outskirts of Blanca Colorado.

When: Winter Solstice 2009 - Beginning December 20th - 22nd.

What: The Circle of One Love! A Five acre circle of holding hands and caring about one other for at least One Day, while the Sun is standing still. Let us bring forth a New and Better Year for what's left of the human race!

Why: Because Grace - ism Beats Racism!

Who: Hosted and Sponsored by Dr. XI Lee, The House of XI Council of Elders, and SXS Sisters of XI Sorority

And: Shuttles to Alamosa for food and supplies provided for those on foot. 

Folks in Tents, Back Packs, Campers, Trailers, R.V.'s, Motor Homes, Cycles and Cars are all Welcome to attend this Unique Event commemorating Human Love and Acceptance towards one another. Help Keep Love Alive In Our Earth Wide Society.  Let Us Know That You'll Be There Too!

Is There Any . . . Love!

 Is Busy Scamming The Homeless! Is Just Another Automated Subscription Up-Grade Scam!


We have viewed the Hard Documented Proof of this absolutely true fact. Information was 
provided to their client by Officials at TCF Bank and Banking Fraud Investigators!
The above statement previously read, 'provided us'. Information was shared by the client with a XITV correspondent, 
whom, just happened to be an associate of their troubled client. 

Here Is How The 100% Automated Roommate Scam Works!

First you try to rent out a room by listing it with

A very very bad idea!

Report Date - July 16, 2009

1. They say you can send and receive messages to and from other members for free, cool, but you are in no way actually able view, read, nor in anyway, have access to those messages, which were sent to you by honest home seekers who are unaware that no one is going to even be able to read their desperate attempts to find a place for themselves and their families.


2. You (the sucker) foolishly clicks on a message from a member that is when a notification then pops up and only now, informs the Sucker, after you have wasted all that time effort, that you must up grade your FREE and TOTALLY USELESS Account to be able to actually see and respond to any of the messages.


3. Well of course the Sucker, then upgrades for a three day access which is a Totally Fraudulent Lie, setting the Sucker up for a secret un-authorized billing, without even a notifying email, which will occur only after you have logged out, and not only that, it enrolls the Sucker into a monthly, so-called, upgraded account, totally without notice, request, nor due authorization.


4. How could such a three-faced cheating fraud of an automated operation possibly keep doing this to Suckers year after year. Well Holy Cow, the banks can not revoke, nor refund the Sucker's fraudulent bill because . . . and pay very close attention to this . . . the Sucker was logged in to the fake rip-off site, so it becomes a merchant dispute issue and the Sucker is supposed to contact

  What a crock of crap, since claims to be 100% automated and there is no actual persons of any sort, taking responsibility for anything that occurs when the Suckers are logged in! To date, there is still not anyone at the helm of

  Since it is not even possible for banking fraud investigating officials to find a live person associated with, what would make you think that you will ever see any sort of actual services provided or ever get your money refunded! Don't fall for it! is just an automated scam computer program running autonomously like a malware virus, just waiting for the next Sucker to screw up and buy something. The automated cyber space scam machine then does everything else, all by itself, and without your permission.

  The provisioned documentation clearly shows a one time only, Sucker authorized, transaction for exactly $5.95 for a three day subscription to access the fake Free Message Service which the Sucker thought they already had in the first place.


The Nation of XI's Consumer Watch! Final Assessment:

Do not ever visit, if you want your computers and your bank accounts to survive their very special experience, which they have, poised, ready, and waiting for you!

We have viewed the Hard Documented Proof of this absolutely true fact. Information was provided to us by Officials at TCF Bank and Banking Fraud Investigators!


The Nation of XI's Consumer Watch! Power To The People:

Report Update - July 17, 2009

Well, thankfully, it would seem that companies, that actually have people, actually have clients, that they actually care about!  Within one day of bringing the messy unexpected troubles to TCF's decision makers, they had already fixed their client's issue and changed an unwitting Sucker back into a Valued Customer, again! 

Thanks TCF, for being a big enough company to stand up for even your smallest customer's service experience! 


Helping you to shop for services safely! - Dr. XI Lee


Nation of XI is a team of live web media artists, who greatly enjoy creating the 
craziest entertainment the world has ever seen, for free fun and use by anyone who digs it!




Prosecuting The American Dream!
Metier vs. The Nation of XI Tribe of Love


CONSUMER WATCH ALERT!    Metier Law  Firm (970) 377-3800    4828 S College Ave Fort Collins, Co.


   Thomas Metier unwilling to release funds properly to disabled client after winning $250K Colorado case, supposedly, for disabled client. Thom Metier stated Tuesday August 5th 2008 that, "Client's friends and family do not meet Thom Metier's personal standards of being an American and that frankly he is worried about client's association with Nation of XI associates...what's wrong with girl power?

   After winning case, Metier Law firm conducted a background check of client's personal relationships and associations, only to use this personal client friends and family info to try to convince client how much safer client's $250,000.00 would be in Thom's company's TRUST account. And that he is unwilling to release client's $250,000.00 award!

   How would you like your God parent's history dragged around just because some lawyer wants you to  give control of your settlement to his law firm's trusting hands, and should you refuse and wish to receive and manage your own family's funds for yourself, then you will get troubles from Thomas Metier! 

  Troubles such as investigating your friends and family months after the case has long since been closed! Certainly seems that Metier Law Firm's clients don't win until their clients beat them!

  This position statement from Thom was following the intensive attempted goading of said client to allow Metier to be named administrator of client's own monies, citing that Metier has been disbursing monthly funds to an old woman client whom they got to appoint them as the administrators of her money.

   Does any one out there know math? What is a small monthly payout when the lump fund is generating many times the amount which is being disbursed to her. 

   Realizing the obvious % interest  earnings potential of his own money, this troubled client refused to take Matier's pilfering offer and has since been refused release of his own settlement from State Farm Insurance, which has to last him the rest of his life. He refused to be sent a few checks only to later be informed that all his money is now gone. knowing that the lump sum would of course actually still exist in the "TRUST" account for generations to come.

  The Quarter million in cash is still in Metier's so called "TRUST" account until client dis-associates with client's own family. 

   Metier, with smiles and greetings convinced client to sign over his State Farm settlement check for deposit into Metier's "TRUST" account last week, and sadly ever since will not give him his money from their so called "TRUST" account! 

   Nation of XI will be following up on this story and will keep our viewers informed about Metier Law Firm of 4828 So. College Ave Fort Collins, CO. Near Denver.

Wednesday August 6th 2008

   Directed by State Farm Insurance Company to get them the name and account number into which the $250,000.00 check was deposited by The Metier Law Firm, so that State Farm would be happy to  guarantee funds to the, so far non existent, "TRUST" bank, thusly expediting the release of client's money and eliminating Thomas Metier's latest feeble excuse for keeping the money to himself. 

   When Client called Thomas Metier Law Firm throughout the day Wednesday, he was repeatedly  informed that everyone was at lunch. Upon calling back around 3:45  the version became that everyone is out of town, out of state, and or out for the day.

   Asking Shannon, Thom's paralegal deflection screen, for the bank name and account description where the check was allegedly deposited into a "TRUST" account, the Perturbed paralegal said that only the accounting department would know about those things.

   So Client requested at least a name and address of the bank or firm into which Metier allegedly deposited his settlement check, She shouted "Jesus! *Client's Name! Why is my client harassing me!"  Ending with "You can get your payout Monday 3pm, 2008."

   The client in this issue asks and invites any one who cares a little to show up with him at Metier Law  Firm (970) 377-3800   4828 S College Ave Fort Collins, CO. to see if he will get the cashiers check which he has requested, a Metier check that wouldn't clear a chalk board let alone clear his bank, or will he get another "Everyone At Metier Is Out To Lunch!" response!

    If you are in the region please show your support for the little people of the world and that they count too!  Stay Tuned to XITV for more!

In closing, the recipient did eventually pick-up funds, but was intentionally nearly run off the road by a 
dark red late model Jaguar, driven by a yet unidentified person.

Grace - ism Beats Racism! - Dr. XI Lee


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