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" It's Taboo."

Dr. XI Lee

Dr. XI Lee "In The Flesh!" - August 2006.


    XITV Not Just A Dream! 21 years ago I was introduced to the internet and the world wide web. Prepared for total immersion into all the peoples of the earth, filled with excitement in anticipation of the culture, science, and the fascinating interacting that I would no doubt be experiencing with the inhabitants of this spherical incubator of the next generations of this universe. I was anxious to know intimately all the genres of this cross bred hodge podge menagerie of intermingled species.

    What I experienced was way too many advertisements, tasteless advertisers, pop up, pop up, pop up again, phony deals, and, and, and, while searching for a few groovy moments, and, and. and. Should not a click give you a page of what the click said it would be? Well I was very disappointed that web pages only yielded a small percentage of what was selected.

    I soon tired of using a monstrous host of desktop shortcuts stuffed in folders, knowing full well, that once I clicked one, it would only be a few percent of what I want, strewn amidst a plethora of rubbish. So, I built web pages through which I could surf the internet. Lenses of commonalities, much like a kaleidoscope of intersecting human fancies . . . . . a Carnivale of humanity.

    Visitors to our icy house often commented on how they enjoyed surfing the net from our system of hyper  pages more than the method they used. Jest fully, many would say, "You should invite the whole world down here and let them surf it up!" My obvious and predictable response would always be a sarcastic "Sure . . . as soon we start living on the surface", as we laughed at ourselves.

    Well, that was nineteen years ago. About seventeen years ago we popped a few of our house's hyper pages on a public server above the ice. What on earth should be the name for a series of web pages from the Nation of XI that are exactly what they say they are. Uhmmm... Nation of XI Television. Very much to our elation, surface dwellers were getting a kick out of our perspective of earth habitation.

    Commonly referred to as the Zoo or Carnivale, due the multitude of life's expressions, we see the earth surface as a living mosaic face that should see it's self to appreciate it's self. For if the heart behind the face is love then it will smile deeply, betraying it's self to joy and laughter. The overwhelming popularity of the 'Nation of XI' hyper pages has left us down here staring at one another, glassy eyed with our shoulders raised, wondering if maybe. . . just maybe. . . perhaps not all the children of men have gone mad with delirium and forgotten the paths of the children of light. Their own paths.

   For if the salmon (even though the seas have receded) are able to find their way home together,
shall there not be another generation of salmon? Yes, of course!

    Speaking of courses and navigation, let the 'People of Distinction' find one an other's faces throughout the surface of the entire earth and we shall smile deeply into one an other's eyes, betraying ourselves to joy,  much laughter, and abundant love of life's experience. Enjoy our effort to introduce every one to every one else, where ever you are on the surface of the earth.

   To all of you, I say XITV is not just a dream... It's Taboo! It is freely given to all of you who smile when beholding the face of an other, happily betraying yourself to joy, laughter and love. -Dr. XI Lee


" Our creators Loved all of us greatly when we were brought to Life here. Why doth the heathen rage? Why must they hate that which the Master of all accepts and Loves... Greatly."  -Dr. XI Lee


"Let Us Gather To Begin."

Dr. XI Lee

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