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. . . like throwing a boomerang out and around a large building, energy can be vortexed (seemingly lost), into non-detectable and non-verifiable forms of expression vortexes and re-manifested into detectable and fully verifiable forms of expression vortexes, re-emerging like the boomerang returning again to the thrower - Bang! - Or the opposite of bang - "ssvoommp! " - or any thing else dependant upon the properties of . . .

Vortex A
The vortexing factors of the boomerang as it leaves the grasp of the thrower.

Vortex B
The undetectable and unverifiable vortexing factors of the boomerang lost from the sight of the thrower as it continues vortexing around the large building.

Vortex C
The vortexing factors of the boomerang as it re-emerges from around the large building vortexing its way to the thrower.

Does it seem peculiar that a, thought to be, one way throw was actually a round trip pass.

. . . XIan physics teaches us that, much like the creation of the rings of Saturn, the boomerang throw was actually an explosive (as opposed to an implosive or other wise) expression of energy (or energized) vortexes possessing certain properties that sub-sequentially vortex back to the vortex state in which the throw began.


My conclusive findings:  " To study astrophysics - Ya' need a Boomerang "

- Dr. XI Lee


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