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" Is There Any "
Written and Performed by  "Children"
Warning: the melodies you are listening to are XIan-Phonetic!

ITN  EXCLUSIVE:  Jammin' at the 'House of XI'

Straight Talk!  from the  'House of XI'.

The Veil of Secrecy....
"There's nothing secret about the "house of XI" so much as unusual. Our blood line (genetics) has a pre-disposition that allows us to express our emotion way more than the average person can."

Do XIans have superpowers....
        "No, we don't have any superpowers it is just that things around us agree with us...for instance, if one or two of us starts singing then everything around starts to sing along...not always, but more often than not. And if one is terribly upset then so is everything nearby, so we can not argue or fight amongst ourselves - ever. We observe seven Holy days (holidays) per year, the Equinoxes, the Solstices, our Conception day, our Birth day, and a day dedicated to helping a stranger (man or animal) whom we do not know and do not expect to receive from again."

Where did the 'house of XI' come from....
"Well...I guess that one is a family secret. But I can tell you that we fought with our own ( War Within ) and utterly wiped ourselves out long ago, back before the days of Nimrod and Gilgamesh... back when the earth was smaller and the sky was filled with oceans and counter gravity. As the Argonauts traveled the planet, DNA re-intermingling brought us frosty the snowman...except that we can still remember some things (before the conception and birth of our present bodies), like eye witnesses. Maybe that's why XIans are so emotionally intense, even when we're dead and buried we are all still wide awake."

What about that olde Recco® Guitar, Is it Magical...
        "You just had to ask me that - didn't you. The best way I can answer that is to tell you how we met...
I was at some one's house when some drunken a**hole kept trying to play this guitar and each time he blew the riff he threw the guitar across the room shouting that is why he bought it for ten dollars and brought it to this one's party so that he could smash it to pieces (like everything else in his life). One time I was in the same room when he threw it hard against the wall. It made a noise that shot threw me like someone had broken my ribs. I pounced on him dragging him around shouting "it's still alive, you $***#!..." as I shoved ten dollars into his pockets and took the guitar. He destroyed it pretty badly. It can never be repaired. So anyway,  a few days later, I was meditating and kind of humming and from across the room I could hear the old Recco singing along. It was resonating chords and single piercing harmonics in rhythmic melody with what I was humming and singing. This was way more than just a guitar echoing and resonating random noises, as all acoustic instruments do, and since it had only five strings at the time, I leave it that way."

" I really don't know what is meant by 'magical' but yes it seems alive, and yes, I know that sounds unbelievable."

Why does "Children" only perform at 'house of XI' events....
       "That's an easy one.....the XIan muses were only intended to enchant the 'Tribe of Love', their House, and their Blood (families). If we were to perform for people in general the emotional revelations that would occur would drive them mad. Imagine having a full tank of gas, locked in overdrive, pedal to the metal, but no steering wheel and no ability to disengage at will - it would be like taking someone else's medicine - it will heal them, but it might kill you."


House of XI house band
Walk The Rows


on ring to rul them al one ring to rit them
on ring to bring them al in darknes reunit them

"Children" Native American Heavy Metal Spirits!

©Children Records - A Nation of XI Communications Company


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